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“Nualgi foliar spray” (NFS) is a nanonutrient with 12 essential nutrients loaded on nano silica. When sprayed on to plants it is absorbed through the stomata openings of the leaves and is lodged onto the chlorophyll.
This package of nutrients boosts photosynthesis of all plants. The plants absorb more Carbon dioxide from the air and make a liquid carbon pathway and send it through the roots into the soil as oozuates.
This liquid carbon is the food for soil microorganisms in the root zone. The microorganisms grow well and do bio mining and deliver nutrients in the ionic form to the plants.


Dissolve 1 ml Nualgi foliar spray in 1 litre of water and spray on the leaves (top and bottom) of the crop preferably in the mornings during cool period. Dosage period varies from crop to crop. Approximately 250 ml of Nualgi foliar spray is required per acre per spray.


Toxic algal species grow due to pollution and imbalance in the nutrients available for normal diatom algal growth. Excessive sewage and industrial pollution dumped untreated into the sea is the main reason for the growth of the 'RED TIDES'. If ' NUALGI ' is added to the sea then the nutrient imbalance is corrected and the excess nitrates and phosphates are absorbed and converted into diatom algae with the result that toxic algal species cannot grow at all. With the excess nutrient load in the form of N, P and organic load being removed the sea will become a better and cleaner environment both for men and marine animals.


  • Reduces cost of culture.
  • Produces high quality nutritional live food for fast and healthy growth and moulting.
  • Reduces pond pollution.
  • Reduces incidence of diseases.
  • Color and quality of cultured animal is extremely good.
  • Boosts Dissolved oxygen since algae is produced and consumed in the system.

Algal bloom is required in the pond to give dissolved oxygen and to provide a shade. The sources of dissolved oxygen in an aqua pond are 4% from the water poured in, 7% mixed in from the surface water, and mainly 89% from the photosynthesis of algae. The growth of a quality bloom is a mystery and it varies from pond to pond. The use of organic and inorganic Fertilizers and water exchange does not guarantee a quality bloom. If the source water is polluted there is no immediate remedy. If the algal bloom comprises of green algae and blue green algae then it does not readily support live food like zooplankton since the cell walls are made of cellulose and it is not easily digestible by the marine animals. Since the algae is not consumed it persists in the system and one day it will die and crash creating Dissolved oxygen problems.

If ' NUALGI ' is used in the pond it will generate a species of 'DIATOM ALGAE' that is easily digested and supports a large live food population comprising of zooplankton. The algae constantly grow and are consumed. Repeated application may be made depending on live food requirement. In the initial stages of culture the shrimp prefers live food. Substitute artificial feeds are often wasted contributing to pollution of the pond bottom and severe D.O. problems during culture. Most of the zooplankton are less than 2 mm in size. This live food is preferable for culture of prawns and fishes for 30 to 40 days till such time that the animals are about 10 gms in size. Later on the pellet feeds can be consumed without wastage and pollution to the pond. The costs of culture under this method can come down substantially by anywhere from 25% to 50%. Cultivating artemia as source of live food may be a good idea to have very fast shrimp growth at very low costs. The details are mentioned below.

Dosage: Half litre Nualgi Aqua for 1 acre pond once in 15 days. For high intensive cultivation add more frequently depending on the measured dissolved oxygen (DO).


Product Description:

Pollution of lakes and water bodies are the biggest problems faced by mankind. The major polluter is agriculture wherein large quantities of fertilizers and agro chemicals wash down to the nearest water body. Excessive nutrients fuel the growth of blue green algae that proliferate and are not consumed by marine animals. The BG algae crash and remove dissolved oxygen from the water leading to mass fish kill. BG algae also produce toxins.
The next biggest polluter is the human faecal, bathing and washing activities.
The third biggest polluter is food processing.
The last is Industrial pollution. Almost all of the activities result in organics coming to the water body and putrefying resulting in generation of hydrogen sulphide and methane. There is increase in Biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD). Fish cannot grow in such waters. There is proliferation of mosquito larvae in the water. Water have intolerable stench.
When you add our product Nualgi Lakes to the water you will find the growth of diatom algae almost immediately and this diatom produces oxygen and food by photosynthesis under water. Aerobic bacteria added externally or present in nature grow and breakdown the organics using the oxygen produced by the diatoms. The growth of diatoms triggers the growth of zooplankton that is filter feeders. They filter the water of all diatoms, bacteria (including pathogenic) , coliforms, mosquito larvae, broken down organics and all food available. The zooplankton is in turn eaten by fish thus recycling all the organics in the water into fish bio mass. By this process all pollution can be treated in the same nalla, drain, and water body. It is thus possible to clean all water bodies by this process. This technology has been adopted at several places and we are also treating a 37 km drain for NMCG in India.

Dosage: approximately 1 litre Nualgi lakes for 2-5 million litres of water.

Diatom algae have a property of absorbing Carbon dioxide and replacing with pure oxygen by photosynthesis. This property can be used to sequester global carbon dioxide.

Adding Nualgi to oceans can help fix the carbon as well as increase fish population and produce oxygen in areas where the DO is low.

Adding Nualgi lakes to water bodies can help improve the water quality thereby avoiding the growth of waterweeds.

Nualgi lakes added to ETP / STP can increase the oxygen thus the aerators can be switched off.

Nualgi Lakes can also be used in remediating urban sewage thereby reducing the running cost of running the STP in apartment building using LED light for photosynthesis.