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Sampth Kumar Thothathri

Chairman & CEO at Nualgi Nanobiotech

An entrepreneur, inventor, environmentalist, renewable energy enthusiast (Wave energy), industrialist and CEO of Nualgi Nanobiotech

.Nualgi Nanobiotech is an R&D cum manufacturing company that makes nanotechnology based products mainly used for remediation of polluted water bodies (Nualgi Lakes). Other products include Nualgi Aqua, which is used in fisheries for growth of diatoms and zoo plankton in water bodies which serves as food for aquatic animals; and Nualgi foliar spray, which is used for boosting the efficiency of photosynthesis, providing high quality crops with greater yields and lowering the cost of agriculture.

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We at Nualgi Nanobiotech have innovated, developed, patented a Nanonutrient called “Nualgi Foliar Spray” that can help convert degraded chemical fertilizer polluted land back to Organic cultivation without problems of yield drop or expensive costs. The cost of production of crops will be low.

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Natural process

Before the advent of chemical fertilizers the organic manure was added to soil to boost agriculture productivity. What does the organic manure do? The organic manure decomposes to give liquid carbon as food to the soil microorganisms. The soil microorganisms grow and do a process of bio mining.

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