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Nualgi process to treat sewage and domestic water from houses and apartments

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Nualgi process to treat sewage and domestic water from houses and apartments


Welcome to Sewage

Nualgi process to treat sewage and domestic water from houses and apartments

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Conventional treatment of sewage requires the setting up of a sewage treatment plant consisting of several tanks having aerators, bio reactors, sludge settling, filtration etc. This activated sludge process leads to generation of sludge and requires filtration.

There is a proliferation of anaerobic bacteria resulting in generation of bad odors like hydrogen sulfide and methane. Sludge cleaning and disposal is a big problem. The treatment requires technical manpower, requires POWER is very expensive and it is difficult to achieve the acceptable standards for treated water.

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We give below a NEW PATENTED process to treat sewage and domestic effluents with the following benefits.

---> No requirements of POWER and SPECIAL EQUIPMENTS.
---> No technical manpower is required.
---> No sludge generated in the process
---> No bad smell generated in the process.
---> No expensive chemicals required for treatment.
---> Treatment is economical and affordable.
---> Treated water passes the tests of the pollution control board.

Protocol for treatment

For 1 lakh liters of effluent per day, if you have 4 tanks of 50,000 liters each and water overflows from 1st to 2nd to 3rd to 4th then follow the steps given below:

1. Install LED lamps of 20W to 40W fitted over each tank.
2. Initially bring 20 liters of open Lake Water (to get spores of diatoms). To 5 liters of this Lake Water, add 50 ml Nualgi Lakes and add this to Tank No. 1. Takeanother 5 liters of lake water, add 50 ml Nualgi lakes and add this to Tank No. 2. Similarly do the same for Tank 3 and Tank 4.
3. The bad smell of hydrogen sulfide should stop within 1 day. If not repeat step 2 again.
4. Once smell is gone,every day preparea solution by adding 50 ml Nualgi Lakesto 5 liters of ORDINARY water. Add this solution to Tank 1 ONLY.
5. Observe the bubbling of oxygen in every tank.
6. You can increase or decrease the quantity of Nualgi Lakes based on observation of oxygen bubbling. If it is more you can reduce Nualgi.
7. After about 5 days introduce fish ( about 20 fingerlings Carps or tilapia) into Tank No. 4
8. For higher quantity of sewage effluent, increase the tank size and dozing of Nualgi proportionately.
9. The water in Tank 4 where fishes surviveis the criterionused by pollution control board to assess and confirm treatment efficiency.

Flow Chart

Flow chart for treatment of sewage & home effluents

This treatment can be carried out underground and in sub-basement also

How does the technology work

Adding Nualgi Lakes along with the Lake water helps the growth of Diatom algae under the water. This algae produces plenty of 100% pure Nano bubbles of oxygen under water by photosynthesis. This oxygen helps aerobic bacteria present in the water to break down the sewage organics.

The diatoms trigger the growth of zooplanktonthat grazes on broken down organics, diatoms, bacteria(including pathogenic and coliforms) and are in turn consumed by fish. This technology can be adopted for treatment of lakes, rivers, and Industrial pollution.

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