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Nualgi is a Nanotechnology product that contains 12 nutrients loaded on Nano silica. The first product was Nualgi aqua for aquaculture. New products using this base technology was developed for agriculture (Nualgi foliar spray), environment remediation, cleaning lakes, rivers, sewage drains, STP , ETP etc. (Nualgi lakes).

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Our objective was to develop a product that produces the marine food chain in any water body. We, Nualgi Nano Biotech discovered that an algae called Diatoms produces more than 50% of the marine food. After more than 15 years of research, Mr. T. Sampath Kumar developed a product for the growth of diatoms and he filed an Indian patent, US patent and European patent. In 2005, a product called Nualgi Aqua was launched, that developed diatoms in aquaculture ponds. We got the product certified from Aquaculture foundation of India where they have said that the golden brown colour of the diatoms developed in ponds and it also triggered the growth of zooplankton. It was also observed that the diatoms did photosynthesis under water and produced plenty of pure oxygen evidenced by the bubbles being released in the water. The oxygen from photosynthesis increased the dissolved oxygen (D.O) in the water.

Why Our Company?

Nualgi is a unique and patented product that has to be sourced only from us all over the globe.

Nualgi can be used for the following application:

  • For Aquaculture growing diatoms, crashing out blue green algae, producing zooplankton, increasing Dissolved oxygen (D.O.)
  • For Agriculture Foliar spray delivers all nutrients directly to the leaf for boosting photosynthesis.
  • For Environment remediation and cleaning water bodies.
  • For removing mosquito larvae in any water body.
  • For Carbon sequestration-solving global warming.
  • For repopulating water bodies and oceans with fish.
  • Improving water quality, preventing growth of water weeds and preventing mass fish kill.
  • For Sparying on Golf sport Stadiums & FootBall and Rugby Stadiums.
  • For Cleaning Temple Ponds.
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Our Specialization

We are a specialized company, having interest and specialization in bringing Nualgi Aquaculture, Nualgi Agriculture products into use. Our offered product is supplied in large quantities and is used for many purposes. A few purposes are bulleted below:

  • For growing phytoplankton in the oceans to absorb global carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse gases there by solving global warming problem.
  • For generation of plankton and live food in Aqua culture ponds to boost growth of Prawns and Fish.
  • For preventing growth of toxic algal species (Dinoflagellates) called “Red Tides” in the sea.
  • Treating sewage, polluted water body and effluents by growth of diatoms and reducing BOD, COD, Colour, Bad odour, etc.
  • Bringing back life to oceans. Lakes, etc.
  • Reduction of wild growth of water weeds and unwanted plants by improving water quality.
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Indian Patent

Patent No : 209364

US Patent

Patent No : US 7,585,898 B2

Nualgi Foliar Spray

CSIR-Toxic Final Reports

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Maintaining high reputation for providing quality Nualgi trademarked products like Foliar Spray and service since 2005....