Nualgi Lakes

  • Implementation:

    Nualgi Aqua was invented by Mr. T Sampath Kumar of Bangalore.

  • Nuaaalgi Lakes:


  • Nualgi Lakes Benifites:

    >>Increase Dissolved Oxygen
    >>Remove Nitrogen and Phosphorous
    >>Reduce BOD and COD
    >>Reduce TSS and TDS
    >>Enhance Microbial Activity
    >>Control Algae
    >>Reduce Odor
    >>Reduce Energy Costs

Product Description

Pollution of lakes and water bodies are the biggest problems faced by mankind. The major polluter is agriculture wherein large quantities of fertilizers and agro chemicals wash down to the nearest water body. Excessive nutrients fuel the growth of blue green algae that proliferate and are not consumed by marine animals. The BG algae crash and remove dissolved oxygen from the water leading to mass fish kill. BG algae also produce toxins.
The next biggest polluter is the human faecal, bathing and washing activities.
The third biggest polluter is food processing.
The last is Industrial pollution. Almost all of the activities result in organics coming to the water body and putrefying resulting in generation of hydrogen sulphide and methane. There is increase in Biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD). Fish cannot grow in such waters. There is proliferation of mosquito larvae in the water. Water have intolerable stench.
When you add our product Nualgi Lakes to the water you will find the growth of diatom algae almost immediately and this diatom produces oxygen and food by photosynthesis under water. Aerobic bacteria added externally or present in nature grow and breakdown the organics using the oxygen produced by the diatoms. The growth of diatoms triggers the growth of zooplankton that is filter feeders. They filter the water of all diatoms, bacteria (including pathogenic) , coliforms, mosquito larvae, broken down organics and all food available. The zooplankton is in turn eaten by fish thus recycling all the organics in the water into fish bio mass. By this process all pollution can be treated in the same nalla, drain, and water body. It is thus possible to clean all water bodies by this process. This technology has been adopted at several places and we are also treating a 37 km drain for NMCG in India.

Dosage: approximately 1 litre Nualgi lakes for 2-5 million litres of water.

Diatom algae have a property of absorbing Carbon dioxide and replacing with pure oxygen by photosynthesis. This property can be used to sequester global carbon dioxide.

Adding Nualgi to oceans can help fix the carbon as well as increase fish population and produce oxygen in areas where the DO is low.

Adding Nualgi lakes to water bodies can help improve the water quality thereby avoiding the growth of waterweeds.

Nualgi lakes added to ETP / STP can increase the oxygen thus the aerators can be switched off.

Nualgi Lakes can also be used in remediating urban sewage thereby reducing the running cost of running the STP in apartment building using LED light for photosynthesis.