Nualgi Foliar Spary

  • Implementation:

    Nualgi Aqua was invented by Mr. T Sampath Kumar of Bangalore.

  • Goals and Objectives:

    The solution aims to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen due to photosynthesis.

  • Testimonial :

    "We have and will continue to use Nualgi. There is no doubt that the growth rate of the treated plants has increased. To that point we believe in Nualgi and have expanded the usage of it”

  • How does Nualgi Foliar Spray work ?

    Nualgi delivers all the nutrients essential for an efficient photosynthesis directly on the leaf. Due to its fine particle size, the nutrients are absorbed through the leaf. A highly efficient photosynthesis creates an effective liquid carbon pathway to the roots.Soil micro-organisms together with Archaea and Mycorrhizal fungi convert atmospheric nitrogen into organic nitrogen which is also delivered to the plant. Soil structure and soil health is improved over time. A fuller conversion of sugars to ATP results in plants less susceptible to pests.

Product Description

“Nualgi foliar spray” (NFS) is a Nano nutrient with 12 essential nutrients loaded on Nano silica. When sprayed on to plants it is absorbed through the stomata openings of the leaves and is lodged onto the chlorophyll. This package of nutrients boosts photosynthesis of all plants. The plants absorb more Carbon dioxide from the air and make glucose and liquid carbon. This liquid carbon is sent as oozuates through the roots into the soil. This is called the liquid carbon pathway. This liquid carbon is the food for soil microorganisms in the root zone. The microorganisms grow well and do bio mining and deliver nutrients in the ionic form to the plants. Please watch our video detailing this process.
What is bio mining? Plants need several mineral nutrients from the soil in a water dispersible ionic form. Most of the minerals in the soil are in a non-soluble mineral form. When soil microorganisms sit on these minerals they break the chemical bond between ions and solubilize the ions into an ionic form and deliver to the plants.
For example: If we have Calcium phosphate as a mineral, the soil microorganisms sitting on this mineral breaks the chemical bond between calcium and phosphate and deliver both the nutrients to the plants in an ionic form. This is one example of bio mining. In a similar fashion all essential mineral nutrients iron, zinc, boron, calcium, magnesium etc. etc. are delivered to the plants by soil microorganisms through bio mining.
Soil microorganisms also absorb gaseous nitrogen from the air and convert into organic nitrogen and deliver it to the plants through Archaea and mycorrhizal fungi. In legumes rhizobia bacteria does this job.
When we do soil testing we only test for soluble nutrients in the soil. The insoluble nutrients are thus left out. All minerals are present in all types of soils. This has been ensured by the creator. By ensuring that the microorganisms are healthy and growing well, you do not need to add any chemical fertilizers to the soil. These microorganisms are akin to trillions of factories in the soil supplying nutrients to the plants.
Converting an agriculture land from chemical fertilizers to an organic one can be very painful since the yield drops significantly. The poisons in the soil have to be driven out before the liquid carbon pathway can be established and enable the microorganisms to come back to deliver nutrients to the plants.
Everyone is aware that adding chemical fertilizers and weedicides to soil kills the soil microorganisms and degrade the soil. Food grown using chemical fertilizers lack essential mineral nutrients making people dependent on them unhealthy. All modern day diseases like diabetes, heart, cancer, asthma etc. can be traced to eating food not having all nutrients.
How do the soil microorganisms know what nutrients to deliver to the plants?
The plants by sending liquid carbon as food to the microorganisms enter into a symbiotic relationship with them. For every nutrient required they send a particular amino acid that tells the microorganisms to deliver a particular nutrient and the quantity. The microorganisms hunt for the nutrient and comply with the order from the plant. No surplus or shortage!
If the soil is highly degraded it can be revived by introducing beneficial soil microorganisms like Trichoderma and Pseudomonas through cow dung by culturing and by adding soil bacteria. However it will work only if Nualgi foliar spray is used to boost the photosynthesis and promote the liquid carbon pathway.
Using our technology the cost of production of crops will be low and yield will be high and superior in quality.
Our technology is being adopted by farmers all over the world for obtaining better quality crops with higher yields.


Dissolve 1 ml Nualgi foliar spray in 1 litre of water and spray on the leaves (top and bottom) of the crop preferably in the mornings during cool period.
Dosage period varies from crop to crop. Approximately 250 ml of Nualgi foliar spray is required per acre per spray.

For short term crops use once in a week to 15 days.

For cereals like paddy, corn, wheat etc. 4-5 times during crop period.

For yearly crops once in 2-3 months.

For banana crops once in month

For Cleaning Temple Ponds

For Sparying on Golf sport Stadiums & FootBall and Rugby Stadiums