Nualgi Aqua

  • Implementation:

    Nualgi Aqua was invented by Mr. T Sampath Kumar of Bangalore, India in 2004.

  • Goals and Objectives:

    The solution aims to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen due to photosynthesis.

  • Achievements

    : The 2015 trials in Queensland, Australia strongly indicate that the use of Nualgi Aqua is a simple, yet effective pathway to manage nutrients and control Blue Green Algae growth.

  • Nualgi Aqua purposes:

    >> For growing phytoplankton in the seas to absorb global carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse gases thereby solving global warming problem.
    >> For treating sewage, polluted and effluent waters by growing diatoms and reducing cod, bod, color, bad odour and growth of toxic algae in ponds and lakes.
    >> For reclaiming and bringing life to lakes, rivers, and water bodies that are polluted by sewage and other pollutants and those in a state of eutrophication.

Product Description

Nualgi aqua is a Nano nutrient when added to water produces a bloom of diatoms starting almost immediately. The availability of diatoms triggers the growth of zooplankton. The water colour changes to golden brown or light green. The growth of diatoms crashes out the blue green algae which comes out like a green paint and has to be removed physically. The growth of diatoms is not measurable since they are immediately consumed by zooplankton. The growth of diatoms also produces plenty of Nano bubbles of pure oxygen under water by photosynthesis. The zooplankton becomes food for fish and prawns. The oxygen produced under water helps maintain good Dissolved Oxygen (D.O) in the water. The DO maintained by diatom photosynthesis is far superior to the use of mechanical aerators and far cheaper. The oxygen helps aerobic bacteria (Probiotics) clean up the faecal matter and uneaten food in the ponds thus helping have a good culture.

Dosage: Half litre Nualgi Aqua for 1 acre pond once in 15 days. For high intensive cultivation add more frequently depending on the measured dissolved oxygen (DO).